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Odor Removal Specialists

Odors professionally extracted from vehicles, including:

• Urine
• Feces
• Animal Discharges

• Putrified Milk
• Skunk
• Smoke
• Mildew

With odors, interiors are generally the problem but exteriors can fortunately take hits also.  Rick's unique methods include a very intense cleaning of the carpeting, seating, headliners, as well as ventilation and air-conditioning for your vehicle's interior.  When the cleaning process is complete, the most important process is done which is applying and emulsifier to the complete interior is thoroughly. The emulsifier is not to be confused with an air freshener. This is a safe live bacteria that attacks the odor or smell while leaving a safe residual chemical barrier for the odor. This application is safe and not a problem for asthma patients.