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Biohazard and Death Within Vehicle Cleaning

We offer unique specialty cleaning of vehicles in need of rehabilitating due to death in vehicles, accidents and suicides. Specializing in crime scene cleanup.

Cleaning and detailing vehicles in this condition involves multiple steps. Starting with visual inspection and evaluating amounts of blood and body fluids are extremely important when cleaning and extracting biohazard or contaminated surfaces.  Parts of the vehicle that cannot be cleaned disinfected properly and safely must be removed and disposed of in accordance with local regulations. Literally every nook and cranny of this vehicle must be thoroughly cleaned with organism cleaning chemicals and agents to facilitate proper sanitation.  Proper cleaning will ensure that this vehicle will avoid odor or damage to the interior.

After the cleaning process is complete, I will apply a disinfecting agent, deodorizer and emulsification to complete interior of the vehicle. This chemical emulsifier is a live bacteria that digests and eats away at odors in cloth, fabric, vinyl and leather. The residual product keeps working until the orders including cleaning agents are gone. This product is extremely safe and is even usable with asthmatic individuals. Cleaning and rehabilitating vehicles of this condition requires additional time to complete and perfect for safe operation and usage of the vehicle.

I also specialize in Crime Scene vehicles and detailing.